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History of Parapsychology

The history of parapsychology and its predecessors (mesmerism, spiritualism and psychical research) is a rich and complex topic. At the KPU, we have examined historical case studies of unexplained phenomena, such as the legendary Indian rope trick (Lamont, 2004a) and the most celebrated medium in history, Daniel Dunglas Home (Lamont, 2005). The history of belief in psychic phenomena shows that one cannot simply dismiss such beliefs on the basis of gullibility and wishful thinking (Lamont, 2006). Rather, they were shaped not only by cultural stereotypes (Lamont & Bates, 2007) but also by an absence of alternative explanations (Lamont, 2004b). Similarly, the experimental investigation of such phenomena cannot simply be dismissed as ‘pseudo-scientific’. Not only has psychical research contributed to psychology in several respects (e.g. Alvarado, 2002; Watt, 2005), but the dispute over its scientific status was based upon a dispute over what counted as science (Lamont, 2007).


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