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General Information


Below are links to sites maintained by individuals that have useful information or other resources relating to parapsychology, including skeptical perspectives.


European Journal of Parapsychology (EJP)

The EJP is a peer-reviewed scientific journal for research - particularly theoretical and theory-driven empirical work - relating to the field of parapsychology. The Journal's aim is to stimulate and enhance activity in parapsychology, particularly in Europe, by publishing Articles, Research Notes, Reviews and Comments that offer insight into or criticisms of parapsychological research. A distinctive feature of the EJP is that its Editor, Martin Johnson, in 1978 established a publication policy to judge submitted articles on the basis of the quality of their planned methodology, prior to the proposed research having been conducted. EJP is currently out-of-press, with the last published issue being in 2010.


James Randi Educational Foundation

The JREF describes itself as 'an educational resource on the paranormal, pseudoscientific, and the supernatural'. It offers scholarships to promote critical thinking in research.


Journal of Non-Locality and Remote Mental Interactions (JNLRMI)

"A free online journal offering its readers a forum for the scientific investigation of our human potential. Based on current research in physics, parapsychology and complementary medicine, and drawing on the discipline of meditative arts such as qigong, the discussion will revolve around the nature of space-time, causality, and individual selves; focused intentionality as a tool for shaping personal and social reality; the cultivation of mental energy and "psi" abilities; and the creation of global resonance to ensure a peaceful, meaningful and humane future for our planet."


Lexscien (formerly Chi Litbase)

An online library of research literature on anomalies and controversies in science and the humanities (some public access, some via subscription). Includes the SPR online library.


Local Sidereal Time (LST)

An online tool for psi research, this site offers daily and monthly experiment schedulers based on "optimal" LST, as well as information about research into LST /psi correlation research.


Loyd Auerbach

Based in San Francisco, Auerbach conducts paranormal investigations and offers local and long distance courses on the paranormal.


Online Book: The Roots of Conciousness

Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove takes a look at the history, folklore and science that shapes our understanding of psychic capacities.


Paramusicology & Psychical Research

Website of Melvyn Willin, covering the areas of paramusicology, psychical research and witchcraft studies including investigations into allegedly haunted properties and poltergeist activity, plus music in witchcraft and paganism.



A site directed towards a non-academic audience. From the homepage: "PsychicAndClairvoyant contains over 60 articles all written by our team of experts and we add around 10 new articles each month."


Public Parapsychology

'A web log dedicated to advancing public scholarship in parapsychology and anomalistic psychology.'



Website with articles covering Dr Rupert Sheldrake's research on telephone telepathy and the sense of being stared at. Dr Sheldrake also produces Skeptical Investigations a website that aims to present "an investigation into the true meaning of Skepticism in Science". It offers examples of what the authors consider to be open-minded research, contrasted with some not so open "skeptical" approaches.



Dr Russel Targ was heavily involved in the Stanford Research Institute's STARGATE programme. Includes some articles and illustrated examples of remote viewing.



Dr Charles Tart's website has many of his articles online, plus links to books and lectures. Dr Tart also edits the The Archives of Scientists Transcendent Experiences (TASTE): an online journal "devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported".


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