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Dr Watt's research falls into two main strands, summarised below. Use the menu above for more information and downloadable publications.

Psi Hypothesis

This work tests the claim that people have paranormal abilities such as extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis (PK).

Psychology of Paranormal Beliefs and Experiences

This work explores the causes and consequences of people's paranormal beliefs and experiences.

Latest Research

July 2014: For latest news on Dr Watt's research into the psychology and parapsychology of precognitive dream experiences, funded by the Perrott-Warrick Fund, please click here.

July 2012: Dr Caroline Watt & Prof Richard Wiseman publish a paper in PLoS ONE testing Neuro-Linguistic Programming claims of link between eye-movements and truth-telling. (Link to article here.)

September 2011: Dr Caroline Watt and Dr Dean Mobbs publish a paper on the psychology and neuroscience of near-death experiences, in Trends in Cognitive Sciences. (download pdf 200KB)

Jan 2011: Just published in European Journal of Parapsychology, report of mass-participation Twitter study into remote viewing. Click here to download pdf (160KB).