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An Introduction to Parapsychology
Course Leader: Dr Caroline Watt

This short course is taught entirely online and is open to anyone regardless of geographical location. It is a non-accredited course, meaning that there is no formal assessment or qualification gained, though regular participation is expected for award of the certificate. The programme consists of a 'familiarisation' week, followed by ten weekly modules covering key topics in parapsychology. The course aims to provide a balanced approach and stimulate critical thinking on each topic.

The next run of the course begins 13th April 2015, followed by 14th September 2015.

Some comments from students who have completed the course:

"fascinating and challenging" Kylie Sturgess, Australia

"I really enjoyed the variety and breadth of learning materials... highly recommended" Stephanie Rowland, Washington, USA

"interesting, informative and stimulating... Caroline makes everyone on the course feel wanted and valued... great value for money" Russell James, UK

"an intense 3-month ride... the course material was perfect... newbies to the subject don't suffer from jargon overkill" Kris de Ruysscher, Belgium


This page gives a general overview of the course. Please use the menu below to find out more details.

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Each week, the programme provides up to four hours of new materials and activities, including:

Core reading
Summary by course leader
Specialist readings & audio interviews with leading researchers and critics, including:
Prof James Alcock; Prof Stephen Braude; Prof Etzel Cardeña; Prof Deborah Delanoy; Prof Chris French; Prof Harald Walach; Dr John Palmer; Dr Dean Radin; Prof Jessica Utts; Prof Richard Wiseman
Online discussion with fellow students around themed topics
Informal self-assessment quizzes

introCourse topics include:

Historical context
Spontaneous paranormal experiences
Testing ESP and PK in the lab
Latest lab research developments
Theories in parapsychology
Belief in the paranormal
Testing psychic claimants
Conceptual issues and implications of parapsychology

What the course will teach you:

What methods parapsychologists use
What parapsychologists have found
About people's paranormal experiences
What critics say about parapsychology
How to think critically about paranormal claims and experiences

What the course will not teach you:

How to be 'psychic'
How to read minds
How to hunt for ghosts etc.
How to communicate with the deceased

Recommended course text: H.J. Irwin & C.A. Watt (2007)
An Introduction to Parapsychology 5th edition
. Jefferson, NC: McFarland.

There is no set time for online attendance, though a reasonable level of regular participation is expected for award of the certificate.

Registration is £250 (£125 for student members of the Parapsychological Association). Recommended textbook: c £27. For information on how to register, please contact Dr Watt.


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