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Parapsychology has been taught at the University of Edinburgh for more than 40 years. We aim to approach the subject in a balanced fashion, to provide reliable information about parapsychology, and to stimulate critical thinking on parapsychological claims and concepts. We currently teach a number of different courses on this topic. An overview is given below; use the menu above to find out more.

We recommend that any prospective students of parapsychology read Prof Harvey Irwin's 2013 monograph Education in Parapsychology.


Our online parapsychology course is a non-credit bearing course that is open to the general public, providing lifelong learning opportunities for everyone. The course is offered entirely online, allowing access to Edinburgh University staffs' teaching and research expertise regardless of geographical location. Now open for registration:

Distance Learning Course An Introduction to Parapsychology
(course leader Dr Caroline Watt)


Students enrolled for Honours psychology degrees at the University of Edinburgh can take the following parapsychology courses in their final year (Y4):

History of Unorthodox Psychology (course leader Dr Peter Lamont)
Parapsychology (course leader Dr Caroline Watt)

In addition to these taught courses, psychology students can undertake third and fourth year projects on parapsychological topics.


Students accepted onto some MSc and PhD degree programmes offered by the University of Edinburgh's department of Psychology can study parapsychology either through Taught or Research-based routes.


Information about funding opportunities can be found here.